The 7th WHO-FIC Asia-Pacific Network meeting

The 7th WHO-FIC Asia-Pacific Network meeting was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia in June, 2015.
Ministry of Health in Kingdom of Cambodia cohosted the meeting.

 Date: June 29-30, 2015
 Place: Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Keynote speech “Facaility Data Qulity Assurance”

-by Dr. Lo Veasnakiry, Director of planning and health information,Ministry of Health, Cambodia

ICD10 learning experiences in Cambodia

-by Dr. Khol Khemrary,Department of Planning and Health Information,
Ministry of Health, Cambodia

Health Information System Project by Futures Group in Cambodia

-by Dr Dineke Venekamp, Chief of Party - HIPA project, Futures Group

Country reports on implementation of ICD-10

  •   -India
  •   -Laos
  •   -Malaysia
  •   -Vietnam

Country reports on support in ICD implementation in the Asia-Pacific region

  •   -Australia
  •   -Japan
  •   -Korea
  •   -Thailand

ICD-10 APN simplified version beta 2

Introduction of beta 2 version
-by Dr. Wansa Paoin, Head of WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre, Thailand
ICD-10 APN Translation platform for Khmer,
-by Dr. Sukil Kim, Co-Chair of Asia-Pacific Network
Training coders of ICD-10 simplified version
-by Ms. Joon Hong, WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre, South Korea

WHO on ICD and Health Information

-by Dr. Bedirhan Ustun, Coordinator, World Health Organization Headquarter

ICD-11 field testing

-by Nenad Kostanjsek, Technical Officer, World Health Organization Headquarter