Network meeting 2006 in Tunisia

WHO-FIC Asia-Pacific Network meeting in Tunis, Tunisia 2006
Date: October 29(Sun.), 2006; 10:00-12:00 AM
Place: Tunis, Tunisia
Venue: Renaissance Tunis Hotel

Meeting Agenda (PDF:32KB) List of Participants (PDF:112KB)

An initial meeting of the Asia-Pacific network immediately preceded the meeting. The initiative was warmly welcomed by the Network. Nine countries of the Asia-Pacific area attended the first meeting of this subgroup of the WHOFIC Network. A thorough implementation assessment will be carried out in single countries. This will allow gathering of roof in-depth information to complement the one compiled with the self-assessment. Next meeting of the Asia-Pacific Network will be in Japan in September 2007, with the mandate to plan systematically for the assessment.
This regional network model was endorsed as a strong working example of implementation of WHOFIC. Initial networking meetings between EMR and AFR participants were started to take steps towards formalizing an Eastern Mediterranean-African network by the next WHOFIC meeting. Similar regional networks are encouraged to enhance implementation and knowledge sharing.

From WHOFIC2006 - A06 - Executive Summary - Final.Doc