Dr. Hiroyoshi Endo has become the new Co-Chair

Dr. Endo graduated from Chiba University (School of Medicine) in 1980. After receiving clinical training at Tokyo Women’s Medical University, he joined the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (the current Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) in 1982 and successively held important posts within the ministry. Meanwhile, he also completed a master’s program at Harvard School of Public Health and later worked in the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office in Manila and the WHO Headquarters in Geneva, and for UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, also in Geneva.

He was appointed to his current post of Chair of the Department of International Affairs and Tropical Medicine in Tokyo Women’s Medical University’s School of Medicine in July 2009.

He is motivated in leading the second phase of the Asia-Pacific Network with the Co-Chair Professor Sukil Kim.


Dr. Hiroyoshi Endo,
the new Co-Chair


Following the resignation of Dr Kenji Shuto as Co-Chair of WHO-IFC Asia-Pacific Network due to his new assignment to a local government, I was nominated and accepted to succeed him by the members of the APN at the occasion of the WHO-FIC annual meeting in Brasilia in October 2012. It gives me a great pleasure and honor to succeed Dr Kenji Shuto as Co-Chair of the APN.

I understand that the APN is moving from the initial stage to the next stage for further development While I feel a lot of amount of pressure to assume the responsibility of Co-Chair at this critical moment, based on my experiences working for WHO and in the field of international cooperation, I’m willing to do my best in close collaboration with Co-Chair, Dr Sukil Kim who has contributed a lot for the foundation of the APN.

I should appreciate it very much if you could provide me a continued support and guidance for fulfilling my responsibility as Co-Chair.

Sincerely yours,

Hiroyoshi Endo

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