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Challenging the Information Paradox
The main focus of the presentations was on the contributions of the international classifications to challenging the information paradox. An initial meeting of the Asia-Pacific network immediately preceded the meeting, and this initiative was, warmly welcomed by the Network.. Efforts at country level were highlighted by five country reports. A panel of international experts shared their insight as to how the issues raised could best be addressed.

International Classification of Diseases (ICD)
A database for the implementation has been updated by data compiled with a condensed questionnaire based on the ones that have been used for implementation surveys over the past 40 years. It includes also questions about updating ICD and barriers to implementation. An online version is in preparation. The information in this base will assist efforts to improving health information in individual countries.
Initial analysis and a round table discussion of experts indicate that an understanding of the importance of health information at population level and commitment from high level decision makers of the single countries are an essential prerequisite to succeed in implementation.

Tools for implementation that are currently under development, include an electronic training tool for classification that can be used online and offline for self learning. The materials will also allow for a paper-based training. In future steps a coding tool and a registration toolkit will be added to facilitate implementation.
Previous experience has shown that implementation support and development of such strategies are an overwhelming task with a view also on regional and cultural differences. As a result a regionalisation should be a way to overcome these obstacles. As a first step in this direction an Asia-Pacific Network has been created and nine countries attended the first meeting of this subgroup of the WHO-FIC Network. A thorough implementation assessment will be carried out in single countries. This will allow to gather in depth information to complement the implementation database.

News letter on the WHO-FIC, Volume 4, Number 2, 2006(PDF:240kb)
by WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre in the Netherlands

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